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Emerald House

South Yarra

Emerald House is a luxury home with a conscience.  One of only a few carbon neutral homes in Victoria, this urban villa is designed in an S-shaped form stretched over the length of the site to bring garden and light into the centre of the house.  The S form divides front for living and back for sleeping, but equally creates a wonderful variety of spatial experiences.


Key elements such as the customised diamond zinc façade make reference to St Thomas Aquinas Church close by. With this approach to many elements, the house converses with other buildings in the street. 


Without compromise to the original design, Fred Architecture consulted with GHD’s top energy engineers to produce a super high performance carbon neutral house.  The design features state of the art German Passive House technology featuring a super thermal skin, air-tightness, fresh air ducting, solar and thermal panels. As its name suggests, Emerald House is ‘ja’ UBER GREEN!


Photography:  Richard Glover

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