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South Melbourne

Finalist 2015 World Architecture Festival Awards (International)

Finalist 2015 National Architecture and Design Sustainability Awards Australia

Shortlisted 2015 Victorian Architecture Awards AIA Houses Alterations and Additions

Shortlisted 2016 Houses Magazine


Starting with the ugliest house in the street on just 130sqm of land, this project recycles a1980s clinker brick town-house, and transforms it into a spacious and functional 21st century family home.  The focus is on adaptable reuse and sustainable design.

A new light-weight timber and steel structure is morphed onto the body of the old brick shell to provide in total, a top floor living level, a mid-floor sleeping level and a ground floor self-contained studio.

Taking its cues from the light industrial fabric of South Melbourne, the new addition is expressed in galvanised speedpanel cladding and a galvanised steel deck structure that is high and nest-like, its height ensuring that the winter sun reaches the ground floor living space facing north. 

The north facing courtyard/car space and top floor deck are enmeshed by a sculpted SS X-tend tensile structure, engineered to support deciduous vines to provide shade in summer and let the sun shine through in winter.

Photography:  Richard Glover


Client Testimony ‘…..Our energy bills are 1/3 of what we paid before even though we added a whole new floor to our existing house. Comfort, functional design and beauty add so much value to our daily life. We love being at home.'

Owner of Dreamcatcher

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